Frequently Asked Questions

The online teaching sessions work with a revolutionary video tool provided by This allows for low-latency, high-quality sound transmission that makes the lesson just as effective as an in-person lesson. This way you can have interactive lessons with Tibor from anywhere in the world.

Please note that you should have:

  • a stable internet connection: your connection needs to be at least 10 Mbit/s for download and 5 Mbit/s for upload. You can do a speed test to find out your internet speed, for example here.
  • ethernet: good wi-fi works, but connecting with an ethernet cable is even better as the signal remains stable.
  • microphone: we strongly recommend using an external microphone rather than the inbuilt one of your computer or tablet. USB microphones are available from 25€. You can find a list of recommendations here.
  • headphones: wearing headphones helps reduce echo.

Please find details about the required equipment here. You can also search through their help center here. If you need a one-on-one explainer on how to set up your equipment, you can book a free consultation with their team here.

  • good positioning: make sure that the instrument is not too close to the microphone. Usually 1-2 meters is a good distance. If you turn the audio input level of the microphone up, you will have to position the microphone further away. If you turn the level down, you can position yourself closer to the microphone.
  • a suitable room: also pay attention to the acoustics of the room – the best acoustics for online music lessons are as dry as possible.
  • the right browser: Sirius works best in Chrome Browser.

Please have a reasonably specific idea of which pieces you want to play in your audition. Also, please make sure that you have all the technical equipment necessary (see question no. 1).

Yes, of course! You have lifetime access to Tibor’s recordings of the audition pieces.

Yes you can! Simply choose one of courses marked as “Solo violin” that fits your schedule.

The timeslots and dates are given in Central European Time (CET).

The classes are held in English. Unless of course all three masterclass students speak German, Slovakian or Hungarian…

There are websites that list such audition calls, such as Musical Chairs and Muvac – you can find them linked on the start page.

Please get in touch with Tibor directly as soon as you know about any unforeseen availability issues!

Please get in touch with Tibor directly as soon as you know about any unforeseen availability issues! It might be possible to change a session date if all course members can agree on a new date, but please note that this is not guaranteed.

Please get in touch with with the keyword “Tibor Kovac” and we’ll be happy to assist!


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