Solo Class 7 – Oct 21, 2021

  • This class ended on 10/21/2021.

Date & time: October 21, 2021 (16.30 – 18.00 CET)
Lesson price: € 200

In these individual 1-on-1 lessons, you get the chance to work on any repertoire, technique, or issue you choose. We will have a 90 minute lesson focused on whatever you need to hone your violin skills!

I will give advice and suggestions, and most importantly help you with your practice routine. I can help with:

  • working out the right breathing
  • optimizing and synchronizing the positioning of hands
  • considering the bow intensity and the bow speed
  • working out the profound virtuosity and definition of styles
  • and more…

…because all this is the basis of your virtuosity and creating freedom for your imagination and infinite space for your artistic personality!

Who is this course for


Any violinist looking to improve their violin playing by learning from one of the best.