Masterclass for Second Violin – January 2022

This course is for anyone auditioning for 2nd violin in one of the world’s top 100 orchestras.

The second violin section is the mezzo of the string instrument groups. The important factors here are perfect rhythm, agogic transitions, a kind of an inner beat feeling, many colors and registers of sounds and an excellent chamber music facility of being a “team player”.

Some typical excerpts used for second violin auditions are Smetana’s The Bartered Bride (Ouverture), Mozart’s Magic Flute (Ouverture), Bruckner 9 (Adagio), or the Bartok Concerto. As a kind of a give-away I have recorded these and some other popular orchestral excerpts for second violin auditions, which you can access in the additional resources below. Certainly there are many different good ways of interpretation, and this is only one of the possible successful ways.

I am also supplying sheet music for these excerpts with my own annotations added.

Over the course of the eight 90 minutes lessons, we will work on:

  • some challenging orchestral excerpts
  • one of the three Mozart Violin Concertos (K. 216, K. 218, or K. 219)
  • one famous violin concerto of your choice

For the violin concerto of choice, I recommend one of these: Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Sibelius, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Bartok, or Berg. (Some other violin concertos, like those of Barber, Korngold, Schönberg Ligeti or Ginastera are wonderful works as well, but the most of non-violinist jury members can judge and compare the performances of different candidates better if you choose a standard piece.) Of course – this is just my advice and the final decision is yours! We will work on your particular requested program.

In each of the lessons, where I can see and hear you playing, I will give advice and suggestions, and most importantly help you with your practice routine. We will discuss:

  • how to approach practice
  • talking about interpretation
  • tone quality and color
  • phrasing
  • tempo relations
  • agogics
  • speed intensity and division of the bow
  • stylistic confidence
  • suitable fingerings
  • timing
  • breathing
  • and more…

…because all this is the basis of your virtuosity and creating freedom for your imagination and infinite space for your artistic personality!